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August 13, 2015

At Joy May Wedding Photography we want you to feel confident and comfortable
knowing you have hired a quality, professional service. We will deliver creative
and artistic images of your event for less than 1/3 the cost of other high end
studios. Our images prove our talent. We promise our calm approach will help
make your dream wedding a reality. Here are some key wedding photography
questions you should be concerned with and how we address them:

1. Who is Joy May Wedding Photography? Joy May Photography is a team of four
professional artists: Joy May- digital artist/painter, Carlos – Main wedding
photographer, Alise – a seasoned wedding photographer/assistant/digital artist
and Agnes – a ten year veteran wedding photographer/assistant/digital artist

2. How long have you been in business? Everyone knows there is no substitute for
experience. At Joy May Wedding Photography we have been providing outstanding
wedding service for Northern California since 2001. We average 30 weddings per
year and have photographed over 300 weddings since 2001. That’s over 10 years of
professional experience. Experience, creativity, quality, and service are our

3. How much do you charge and what is included? Basically, we charge $166 per
hour, per photographer.  $995 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY includes: © Copyrights Title
(non-exclusive copyrights), All images color corrected , 100 rendered images (
artistic photo editing ), One Photographer , All images on DVD-ROM ( Unlimited
Digital Images ),  1 to 6 hours shooting time, Wedding photo album (slip
pocket), 200 4×6 photo prints, Online wedding photo album and No travel fee for
Northern California.  Again, we charge $166 per hour, per photographer. We
include all original high resolution digital images on DVD-ROM, with no
watermarks. No need to return to us for reprints or enlargements! We require a
50% retainer fee to secure our service for the specific event day. Our
availability is limited, as our photographers can only shoot one wedding per
day. We are first come, first served.

4. Why do I want the © copyrights? In the USA all creative work is intellectual
property, protected by copyrights rights law , for 95 years. All copyright
protected images, digital or hard copy, are "proofs". By default, all
photographers own the copyrights (proofs) of your wedding images, and will
greatly profit (often thousands of $) from your lifelong reorders, reprints, and
enlargements after the wedding. The clients do not own the "proofs". For
example- average price for one 8×10 proof/reprint/enlargement from a wedding
photographer/studio is $50. The cost of one 8×10 from WOLF CAMERA is $3.50, if
you own the copyrights. Also- all major photo processing companies (Walgreen’s,
Wolf Camera, Costco) will recognize professional wedding images and will require
certificate of ownership in order to reprint your wedding photos. By signing the
certificate of ownership, we legally transfer the nonexclusive copyrights to our
clients & the means (DVD-ROM, DVD-Video) to reprint your wedding images,
forever. At Joy May Wedding Photography we offer our clients the non-exclusive
copyrights (ownership) of all images-IE; all wedding images on DVD-ROM. This is
the best long term deal for our clients. Again, our clients get every image we
shoot-Our clients own every image we shoot!

5. How many photographers shoot our event? For our $995 (6 hours) service, we
include our main wedding photographer. Carlos is a seasoned veteran of over 10
years. He has the experience to make your event memorable and create the
beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime. If you want an
additional creative professional photographer/artist we charge a subsequent rate
of $250 per hour. Two photographers for four hours will bill at $1995, plus
sales tax.

6. Do you bring "back up" equipment? Yes, we do. Although equipment failure is
rare, we won’t let it stop and ruin your special day. At Joy May Wedding
Photography we bring enough back up gear to cover any equipment failure.

7. We need photos for eight hours – How do we secure the time? No problem. We
can work for as many hours as you need. Again after six hours ($995), we bill at
$166 per hour, per day.

8. Do you colorize, soften or retouch the digital (jpeg) images? Yes we do! All
images are color corrected, with contrast, clarity, saturation and white balance
correction. We then rendered 100 (CS5 photoshop) images. These 100 images are
cooked to perfection with Joy May’s signature photo editing style. Joy May is
one of the few digital artists who devotes this much time creating works of art
from your photos. These 100 fully rendered images (and originals) are included
at full resolution on DVD. We also include the original, untouched images too!
Additional enhanced images are charged at a rate of $50 per image.

9. Can we select the 200-4×6 photo prints? Yes you can! After your event, you
can select 200 of your best images. We then print them on 4×6 photo paper. We
also provide you with a wedding album that you can fill up with your wedding
photos. Please see our terms of service for requirements.

10. Can you put the 4×6 prints in the wedding album? Yes we can. However, please
add four weeks to your delivery date. We provide one white wedding album. It is
archival photo quality, with optically clear slip pockets. It will hold 200 4×6
prints. Additional wedding albums are for available for $50 each.

11. What is your shooting style? At it’s core, our shooting style is a mixture
of unobtrusive photojournalism (candid) and traditional (posed) photography. We
feel that this modern approach satisfies everyone from the bride & groom to the
parents & grandparents.

12. Do you use professional equipment? Yes, we do. At Joy May Wedding
Photography we use automatic exposure Canon 1D EOS digital SLR cameras with
auto-focus Canon EOS EF lenses and camera mounted integrated TTL EOS flash to
ensure clean, sharp, high quality images. As we are natural light artists, we do
not bring studio equipment (light stands, power packs, umbrellas, lights) to a
wedding. All our equipment is professional, industrial grade.

13.  Do you charge for set up and take down? No. Absolutely not. At Joy May
Wedding Photography you are only charged from the moment we start, to the moment
we end, as you specify in our contract. We usually arrive 1 hour early (Not
billable time) to set up and familiarize ourselves with the locations. If you
would like us to inspect the locations before the event, we charge an additional
fee of $500 for Northern California.

14. When will our photos & DVD be ready? After your event, your DVDs will be
processed and burned and ready for pick-up after 4 weeks. We will send an email
bill upon completion.

15. Do we have to prepay for your service? No. Absolutely not. We require a
credit card deposit (50%) now, to secure the service for your wedding date. The
balance is due upon completion. The balance is paid after the wedding, when you
pick-up the photos or DVD video. We accept final payment in cash or credit card.

16. How many digital images are on the DVD- ROM? In a four hour period, we will
have a minimum of 200 original (fifty digital images per hour) high resolution
digital images on the digital camera. After the event, we burn a DVD-ROM with
all these digital JPEG images. In this archival quality DVD media, every image
we shoot is included. No watermarks or low resolution images – the JPEG files on
your DVD are ready to print! Includes a signed reproduction agreement that
enables you to make prints and enlargements whenever you want! Afterwards, you
can copy the DVD-ROM, with all your wedding photos, for about 25 cents each. If
you had 100 guests (100x .25= $25) at your wedding, you could give everyone a
PHOTO DVD for $25. Also, 4×6 reprints from snapfish.com cost 12 cents each. A
photo DVD-ROM (jpeg) will also play as a slide-show on most DVD players.
Additional DVD-ROM copies are available for $50 each. Copyrights included.

18. Can you make an online gallery for us? Yes we can. This online gallery is
included in our service. After final payment, we publish your selected best
images on the world wide web. This is the best way to have your family and
friends to see, order and print your wedding images, from any part of the world,
from any computer. This online gallery is public with your names and wedding
date and location. Please read our TOS for requirements.

19. Can we give you a "VIP" photo list? Yes you can. Providing us with a list of
very important photos or people (V.I.P.), is the best way to ensure you get the
images you want.

20. Do you provide a written contract? Yes we do. Our Terms of Service (T.O.S.)
is online. We know the importance a written commitment is to you. Not only does
it guarantee our performance but gives you the peace of mind knowing we will be
there on the exact date you specify. After the deposit is received, we will
email you a receipt of purchase of our Joy May Wedding Photography service.
Please read our terms of service.

21. How will you dress? At Joy May Wedding Photography we know the importance of
a professional image and we will dress in black slacks, black dress shirt, and
black vest with black dress shoes.

22. Do you charge a travel fee for my wedding? No, absolutely not. There is no
travel fee for Northern California. Here is a partial list of some of the cities
in our travel radius: Sacramento, Chico, Yuba City, Dixon, Davis, Roseville,
Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Elk Grove, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa
Rosa, Napa, Calistoga, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Oakhurst,

23. Are there any hidden fees? No, absolutely not. There are no additional fees
to worry about. Our competitors will profit from price and service obscurity. At
Joy May Wedding Photography we keep our service fee clear, honest, and simple.
There is no fine print. Please read our terms of service.

24. Do we have to provide you with a dinner or lunch? No, absolutely not. We
know that dinners can be expensive. We believe that it is not your obligation to
serve us. However, we will accept an invitation to eat if offered.

25. How can we get a Magazine Style Album? We refer you to http://www.mypublisher.com.
We know MAGAZINE ALBUMS can sell for $2,000+ . With our digital images on DVD-
ROM and copyrights title, you can do-it-yourself and save! My Publisher has
unique tools and publishing software that have enabled hundreds of thousands of
customers to create and order custom made, high-quality, coffee-table books in
single-copy editions at affordable prices.

26. What distinguishes you from other services? Our business has three great
qualities: Experience, exceptional creativity & low price. Please read our
Testimonials online to see what our clients say about Joy May Wedding
Photography service!

27. Are Engagement Photos available? Yes , we include an engagement session if
you book eight hours and two photographers ($4k-see line 3) for your wedding.
This session consists of two hours in and around San Francisco locations, with
our main photographer. These digital images are included at full resolution on
DVD with the copyrights title. Hair and makeup is available for an additional
fee of $500. twenty five enhanced /rendered images included. Non-exclusive
copyrights included. Please allow four weeks for delivery.

28. Can you ship our photos, album and DVD to us? Yes we can! U.S.P.S. priority
mail shipping within USA is no charge.

29. Is four hours enough time? Yes it is. Our service is expandable. If you need
us for more time, we are available. Again, we charge $166 per hour, per
photographer, per specific day.

30. We are so busy, we don’t have time to meet. Can we secure our date now with
a credit card, and meet with you later? Yes, you can. With a credit card, you
can book our wedding photography through our secure servers. Once we receive
payment, we will email you a receipt for your Joy May Wedding Photography
purchase. Your credit card company (VISA or M/C) will also have a receipt of
purchase from Joy May Photography on record. Afterwards, we can meet by
scheduled appointment or skype-teleconference with you to discuss your concerns
and wishes for your event. We do not require that you meet with us before the
event. We offer unlimited consultations.

31. Why are your prices so low? What’s the catch? There is no catch. We are
aware that wedding photography, digital images and copyrights can run $10,000
for a day. We believe that providing equal access to high quality photography is
an important mission. Please visit our Joy May Wedding Gallery to see our
imagination. You will love the artistic images and the money you save with our

*You can book wedding photography online now with a $500 retainer/deposit.
*Please phone (415) 529-5473 before submitting deposit to verify we have your
date available. We are now booking for 2016. Also, our availability is limited,
as we can only shoot one wedding per day. We can meet, by appointment, to review
more samples of our work at our studio. Our business hours are: Monday through
Friday from 10am to 5pm.

For more information please read our Terms of Service.

Sincerely, with our best regards,


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Joy May Wedding Photography
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Joy May Wedding Photography
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